InstaThumbs Review – Explode your Youtube views by 374%

InstaThumbs Review – Explode your Youtube views

                                                by 374%

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Marketing video works. Every marketer knows that so far. YouTube receives over 3 billion views every day and gives you unlimited leads and traffic. But there are hundreds and thousands of videos for each keyword and topic, so your video needs to stand out in search results and grab viewers’ attention.

I have had experience in the online marketing market for over 5 years and have uploaded thousands of videos that I have tried and tested all the sneaky marketing tactics in the book. I know creating a thumbnail to visually appeal to potential customers is always a difficult problem and takes a lot of time and money, maybe you’ve tried some of the software out there but didn’t bring it. effective again. Fortunately, my friend San Kumar has just released a software called InstaThumbs.

InstaThumbs will attract viewers by first looking at your videos/thumbnails! Not after they watch the video, but for the first time, they look at your thumbnails! If your video does not attract viewers, this is the software you need right away. Creating thumbnails by hand is tedious work and it consumes your time but is not efficient.

What you need only now is a thumbnail creation software. And I can say InstaThumbs is the completely new software that allows you to create unlimited the best thumbnail images you have ever seen. And this is why you should check out my review today.

Note, if you buy this product via the link in my review, you will receive some special rewards from me worth up to $ 50,000. It can work with InstaThumbs, helping your business go further in the future.

Scroll down to check out the next part of my review, I’ll show you how awesome this software is like this.

InstaThumbs Review – Overview


Creator: San Kumar
Product: InstaThumbs
Launch Date: 2020-Apr-15
Launch Time: 11:00 EST
Front-End Price:  $37
Sale Page: Click here
Nice: Software
Guarantee: 30 days money-back guarantee
Recommend: 100% recommend

InstaThumbs Review

What is InstaThumbs?  

InstaThumbs is an attractive thumbnail creation software for any video with simple drag and drop. It helps your videos attract potential customers to increase traffic and sales immediately. In addition, you get more than 100 ready templates for all top products with unlimited thumbnails. No monthly fees. Includes commercial use license.

Thumbnails are usually the first thing viewers see when they search for a video. You have to make sure your video thumbnail stands out and gets the viewer’s attention.

 Custom thumbnails increase video views on youtube massively (374% more views)
 It can mean a difference of 100 views and 100,000 views
 Youtube’s Creator Academy quotes that “90% of the best-performing videos on YouTube have custom thumbnails”
 Makes your video stand out in Youtube search results and Google search results
Attractive thumbnails makes a great first impression
More clicks on a video increase its ranking in search results

Did you know that freelancers charge $5 to $200 to make a single thumbnail?

With InstaThumbs you’ll create unlimited HD quality thumbnails sort of a professional designer to spice up your youtube views! there are no monthly fees, zero learning curve and you’ll get your next thumbnail ready before you’ll even find a man on Fiverr to try to to it for you.
Fyi here are some screenshots from a popular freelance site called fiverr, where designers are charging an arm and leg for the same thing:
InstaThumbs Review

By the way. here is an idea! Now that you simply too are a professional thumbnail designer with InstaThumbs, why not post your own gig like these guys? Just think… if you sell each thumbnail for $5 a pop, with just 3 sales each day, you’re already clearing Up To $450 a month.

InstaThumbs Review – Key Features

  • Super easy drag-n-drop thumbnail creator with zero learning curve. Just select a thumbnail template. Customize text and pictures and download your thumbnail. It’s really that easy!

InstaThumbs Review

  • Hundreds of designer templates: Freelancers will charge you anything from $5 to $50 to make thumbnails using similar templates. But now you can do it for free and create as many thumbnails as you want.

InstaThumbs Review

  • Sticker and shadow effects: Create sticker and shadow effects used by Top Youtubers with just a single click. Make your videos stand out in the search results.

InstaThumbs Review

  • Millions of images with their inbuilt image search: Search millions of images from sites like Pixabay, Pexels, Bing images and Google images on the go to create your perfect thumbnail.

InstaThumbs Review

  • Gradient text and callouts: Every thumbnail needs some text. Now add eye-popping gradient text and callouts to form your thumbnails even more attractive.

InstaThumbs Review

  • Use your own fonts: Online editors are generally limited when it involves font choices. But with Instathumbs you’ll choose any Google font you wish to fit your brand.

InstaThumbs Review

  • Professionally made Youtube backgrounds: many super attractive professionally designed backgrounds that will catch the viewer’s attention. they need to be been specially made to extend contrast in your thumbnails.

InstaThumbs Review

  • Hundreds of icons, emojis, and shapes: Make your thumbnails more attractive and unleash your creativity with many bundled icons, emojis, and shapes.

InstaThumbs Review

  • Thumbnails for every category

Ready-made thumbnail templates for the following niches: Funny, Video Game, How-To Guides / Tutorials, Product Reviews, Celebrity / Gossip, Vlogs, Sketch Videos, Shopping Sprees / Hauls, Unboxing Videos, Educational Videos, Parodies, Pranks

In addition, it also has some other features such as

  • Make thumbnail text stand out: With special text effects, borders and callouts confirm to grab extra attention to the text inside your thumbnails, This greatly increases your click-through rates!

InstaThumbs Review

  • Your images can now be circular, pentagon or the other shape: have you ever ever seen the thumbnails of top YouTubers? They never use simple rectangular images and now you do not need to too! With InstaThumbs you’ll turn any image into any shape.

InstaThumbs Review

InstaThumbs Review

About the creator

InstaThumbs Review

My name is San Kumar. I am a marketer like you and I have a confession. My main source of traffic is videos, and it’s no secret that the amount of traffic and potential customers can create with YouTube videos is awesome! But I have to confess that I was struggling a bit with video marketing from the beginning.

I had a pretty random luck with my video. Some videos generate thousands of views while some don’t even surpass 100. So it made me curious and I started to study all the factors while contributing to what makes the video successful.

I did a lot of research on video marketing and read many tutorials and blogs and the number one thing every leading video marketer (including masters like Brian Dean) thinks is most important when it comes to videos. is your Video Thumbnail.

Just emphasize the importance of your thumbnails, think how important the subject line is to email. If the subject is boring, no one will open your email no matter how great your content is. The same is true for videos. If you use the default YouTube-created thumbnail, no one will click on your video and even if you spend $ 1000 + on your video, what happens if no one sees it?

So in that mind, I decided to use custom thumbnails for all my videos. Unfortunately, I can’t do it myself because software like Photoshop is extremely difficult and tedious. There is such a huge learning curve that it makes no sense to invest all your time and money on it (do you know Photoshop costs $ 500).

My other option was to find a designer or a freelance person to do it for me, but the cost turned out to be crazy. I received a quote from $ 5 to $ 260 for a simple thumbnail. This will be fine if I have to make a video, but I make videos every day, so I can’t outsource.

I couldn’t find any other way to do that and so I created a solution for myself and you. After months of research and development, he finally created InstaThumbs

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How Does it Use?

The easiest thumbnail maker with zero learning curve. Just choose a template and customize it. Just select a template and customize it. It only takes one minute!

  • STEP 1: Select a template
  • STEP 2: Customize thumbnail
  • STEP 3: Boost video views

Making beautiful mind thumbnails is now super easy! Create advanced thumbnail effects at the touch of a button. Below is a demo video with detailed instructions on how to create stunning thumbnail images.

Why should you buy it?

  • It should be super easy to use: There are many programs like Photoshop and Canva using which one can create any graphic but since that software are generic graphics editors it takes a lot of time and learning. With InstaThumbs, they tried to design it so easily that a kid could do it.
  • It should work everywhere: InstaThumbs is a cloud-based software so it works everywhere including Windows, Mac, Linux and not only that it even works on mobile phones and pads. This is a must-have feature for digital nomads like me who want to work from anywhere.
  • Unrestricted use: I hate crippleware as much as you do. So whenever I release a software I want that my users should be able to take maximum advantage of it without any restrictions
  • No additional expenses: Some services charge you for images, others want you to buy additional software that costs hundreds of dollars. With InstaThumbs you have to do neither. With their inbuilt image search that searches millions of images to the inbuilt image editor for basic image editing – you never have to spend an additional penny on making thumbnails.
  • Catchy clickable thumbnails:  Your thumbnails should look professionally designed and that is why we made hundreds of templates for you.

A quick recap of what you get with InstaThumbs

  • InstaThumbs Thumbnail Editor

Powerful thumbnail editing software that works on any device including Windows, Mac and Mobile phones. Making amazing thumbnails has never been easier!
Value: $197

  • 100+ ready-made thumbnail templates

Thumbnail templates designed by a professional graphic artist who spent months researching and creating the best traffic-generating thumbnails.

Value: $3,000 (assuming a very low price of just $30 / template)

  • Millions of images at your fingertips

Their inbuilt image search engine can find hundreds of images for any keyword. You don’t have to pay for images anymore. This feature will save you lots of time and money!
Value: $97

  • Commercial usage

As shown above, even if you were to charge $5 / thumbnail and make just 3 sales a day you can easily make up to $450 / mo (people are making thousands of dollar per month doing it)
Value: $450 / mo

  • Huge library of emojis, stickers and shapes

Hand curated collection of artwork designed for creating thumbnails.
Value: $27

  • Support and updates

You can count on them for prompt replies to any technical queries. Includes extensive training videos and guides to help you get most out of their software
Value: Priceless 🙂

Total Value: $3771

In addition, you also get a 30-Day Warranty to test drive InstaThumbs and see if it is right for you. If you do not like the software for any reason, they will refund you ALL of your money with their 100% money-back guarantee.

They will return every penny, no questions asked. The problem is – they know this works. They used it, they saw the result and they KNOW it could work for you. Just give it a shot, and see for yourself!

Who should use it?

I think InstaThumbs perfectly fits with people who are working as:

  • Marketers
  • Social Media Marketers
  • Online Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Businesses
  • Make money online

And Much More.

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Evaluation And Price

This is a strictly LIMITED TIME discounted offer! The price will jump significantly – likely to $97 in the near future. ​The steeply discounted price on this page you are seeing right now is to encourage you to take advantage of this limited-time special launch offer. In, fact if you exit right now and come back later, you will end up pay more! So take action now to enjoy this extremely low one-time referral price and receive my full $ 50,000 reward!

Here are details on the price and some upgrades of this software:

  • FE: InstaThumbs software + 100 thumbnail templates, stock images, etc $37
  • OTO #1: Template Club ($144 /yr)

+ 100 ready-to-use designer thumbnail templates every month
+ Templates for all types of videos including Video Marketing, How To Guides, Product Reviews, Vlogs, Shopping, Funny, Gaming, etc.
+ Thumbnail templates designed by a professional graphic artist who has spent months researching and creating best traffic-generating thumbnails.

+ Monthly recurring income for you (50% of $144 / yr)
+ Downsell of 200 templates for a one-time price of $37

  • OTO #2: Article Video Robot ($197 / yr)

+ Software that turns any article, keyword or URL into a stunning live talking video with voice-over, graphics, and animation in one click!
+ World’s first and only A.I. Video creation app
+ Create engaging videos for any niche or topic in 1 minute!
+ Commercial use allowed: Profit from Your Videos Or Sell Them.
+ Sells for $197 / year for unlimited UHD videos and 12 bonuses

Last thoughts and conclusion

InstaThumbs is definitely a great software, you want to own it as soon as possible. Before your opponent does.

This is great software, for a perfect price. It is completely different from the products out there. You really want to make more money with this powerful product in the right market at the right time with their discount offers. You can now use this InstaThumbs software to battle your competitors!

You have finally reached rock bottom line in my InstaThumbs Review.

Sincere thanks for reading the review. I hope this review will help you make the best decision for your business. I know you want this software right away, so I don’t waste your time and end the review here. Try InstaThumbs now!

Lastly, if you buy this product through my link, you will get 24/7 support from me. This suggests you’ll contact me anytime you’ve got trouble using it otherwise you will contact the author’s support team. Please contact me via this email address ( I will be able to support you enthusiastically.

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Thanks for reading the InstaThumbs Review.

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